wanting  money to go further  this year, (as  we all want to save for the conventions)  ,

i present the following

"star wars -phantom menace " 3d launch

£10.00 , each,any photo

£15.00 ;- 2 x photos 

signed LIGHT SABERS - sound and motion ones , that light up , in red or blue ,and come with certificate .

£13.00 single retractable ones, that light up with sound and motion sensors ,  

£20.00 2 in 1 sabers , that have detachable crossguards, that light up with sound and motion sensors

( other bulk buy available on request !)

plus postage ;-

£3.00 uk /most EU.

£5.00 ,any where in the world.

  all  personallly -signed , with own dedication .


new photos available now !




               These photos are exclusive to the site or at conventions ;- you cannot get them anywhere else and they will all be authenticated with signatures and personalised .

Additions will be made over time , to maintain this , as well as other exclusive shots as i get them , and from other films  .

This selection coincides with the blu -ray launch of all 6 films , and over time any relevant shots from them will be made available .

Payment by paypal , and drop me line with request/dedication , and the photo(s) will be dispatched immediately. Postage times will vary but i will try to update you , wherever they are going to .

The paypal address is ;-

Enjoy , look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at events this year , and spread the force !!


 Andrew xx