Andrew Lawden


Work will be undertaken on a contract , ( temp or permanent or daily basis) , over duration of time , or on an "ad- hoc " / last minute basis. for the agreed time duration . 

All specific clothing , costumes , safety equipment , tools required for the job , to be provided by the company or person  booking for the job , unless reasons dictate otherwise . 

Upon Completion of the job ,  unless otherwise agreed in writing , payment will be immediately ,  weekly , in arrears , or fortnightly in arrears, accompanied by an invoice .

Ad- hoc / Last Minute Jobs , to be paid on the day , unless on a continuous , basis , ( e.g  , 4  x day exhibition ,) When they will be paid on completion.

Once   a job has been agreed , contracted , or otherwise booked , with proof, this shall be deemed and agreement or contract under English Law. Unless an ongoing contract of work, with pre - agreed terms to complete or non- completion , the following time limits apply for cnacellation of bookings ;-

 1 -2 days notice ;- 100%.

 3-5 days  notice , ;- 75% .

1-2 weeks notice ;-  50%

2 weeks or More ,, Nil ., unless deposit paid , wherein deposit forfeited  , unless other terms and conditions apply .

Money to be paid electronically into bank account, details to be provided on invoice  or in cash,  in person ,

All invoices will be paid within 15 days , unless otherwise agreed , or exceptional circumstances , wherin notification  will be made as soon as possible , to arrange prompt payment . 

A maximum of 30 days will be allowed in such circumstances, after which , additional costs , and possibly interest , will be incurred on the final amount . 

These will include ;-

Letters written and sent to persue ,outstanding balance ;- £ 25 per letter . 

Personal visits to Company Offices to collect outstanding balance ;- £ 75  per half day,  £150 full day .( This includes hiring of persons  as well as time involved ). 

Legal proceedings ;- Filing of any papers to Small claims courts, tribunals ,, ;- £ 30 per hour  , plus court costs .


All images , film clips internet clips , voice clips , are only allowed to be used ,once an agreement has been made  for any job or booking . These may be subject to a fee depending on the nature of the production , and other contractual details of the production.

Publicity , and use of professional image , in relation to press pack ,can be used for the lead up to and duration of the event. If the event , for whatever reason , wishes to cancel a booking , any publicity used  will be liable to a fee , based on those stated below , for the duration it was used . If the artist has to cancel , due to work .illness or family commitments , there will be no charge , unless previously agreed.. 

Any unauthorised use of images, film clips, or voice in , any press ,television ,or internet media , particularly where use assists or constitutes financial gain , in any shape or form , will be subject to a fee ,.;- These start from £10 per day , £50 per week , £200 per month ,, depending on size of event , company ect. 

.This includes any form of promotion, advertising ,and marketing . Any event , where professional image has been used for advertising , promoting , either in print , internet or vocal media , is subject to a fee , unless due to work commitments or illness ,resulting in non attendance .

 Any production , undertaken , , is to include artists details correctly, in any billing , and to be included in all publicity , press and internet releases , with credits ,where appropriate . if necessary , with prior agreement with company involved .

Any production undertaken , be it professional , for charity , unpaid or otherwise , is make sure artist is billed correctly , in all press and internet releases, with relevant credits , where appropriate .. , if necessary , with prior agreement with company involved.

Advertising campaigns done in connection with production of booking , to be done only with prior agreement  with artist , and in line with current union rates. 

Any work undertaken , be it paid ,or unpaid , unless agreed in advance , is not to be used for any promotion or publication purposes , or after sales where any financial  gain is involved . This includes all use of image ., voice , filming , which may be shown and used at festivals ,public events , ect , but any copies sold will be subject to a fee. , starting from 10 % .

Any agreements made, include acceptance to all the above terms  and are accessable via link on agreements , unless otherwise excluded by prior agreement